Healthy Skin – What Nutrients Does it Need to Keep it That Way?

By | June 5, 2023

Many of us are well versed on the nutrients our body needs to remain healthy. We need vitamin C for protecting our immune system. We need multi-vitamins to help supplement our diets, because they don’t always allow our body to get what it needs. But what about nutrients for healthy skin? It only makes sense that one of the most exposed parts of our bodies needs its own nutrients to remain healthy and to optimally look and feel good. Understanding the value and effects of nutrients in skin care products will provide a better understanding of the different between a high quality skin care product and one that is a waste of money and potentially even more damaging than helpful.

Oils, Vitamins, Lotions and Masks
There are plenty of people who think a splash of water and a little soap will do it for skin care. And guys especially, think that their shaving lotion or shower gel will cut it. These are also the people who look their age- or worse- older. Their skin shows the damage of weather and in general the effects of time. Being uninformed and lazy about skin care is the equivalent to eating junk food for every meal for years and then not understanding why you are overweight, out of shape and heading down an early path towards age related illnesses. With high quality products that focus on the nutrients for healthy skin, a person can be on their way to better, healthier skin quickly and easily.

The nutrients for healthy skin come in several forms such as oils and vitamins that are captured in the lotions, gels and masks of the best skin care products. The oil extracts from jojoba is very similar to the natural skin sebum and helps to restore the sebum. Babassu nut oil is also used in only the best products to penetrate skin in order to soothe it , similar to cordamazon maracuja. This oil is harvested from passion flower seeds and is incredibly rich in multiple vitamins including A, B and C. It is also an emollient that will help to smooth skin. These essential nutrients for healthy skin should be requirements for any skin product you select.

The Quality of Nutrients
Virtually any manufacturer can walk in to a lab and stir up a concoction that features oils and vitamins that are all lab created and then call it a product that has all the beneficial nutrients someone needs for healthy skin. The problem is clearly the quality of the ingredients. Using vitamins and oils from only the best possible sources will enhance the appearance of your skin, not something concocted in a lab. Vitamin E provided from plant extracts such as avocado oil is shown to be more effective than lab created synthetic versions. When you are trying to restore the natural elements to your skin, it only makes sense to use products that are as organic and naturally developed as possible.

Just as we realize there are nutrients our body needs to obtain from the food we eat and the drinks we consume, there are nutrients our skin needs to maintain its beauty. It also needs them to improve its health and to protect it from the sun, aging and the general effects of being exposed to the elements each and every day. Reading the label on a product isn’t enough because it still will not tell you what the value is of nutrients that are absolutely vital to healthy skin. By spending just a little time reading information from a reliable, well researched source, anyone can be well on their way to healthier, more beautiful skin.